Name Position Affiliation Research
Julie A. Adams Professor  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Human-Machine / Autonomy Teaming, Human Performance Modeling, Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Swarm Interaction, Human Factors Engineering, Distributed Artificial Intelligence 
Onan Demirel Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering

Design Theory and Methods, Digital Human Modeling, Human Factors Engineering, Product Design and Development, Human-in-the-loop Design 

Kenneth H. Funk II  Associate Professor  Industrial Engineering

Aviation Human Factors, Human Factors in Health Care, Good Work, the design of work that is good for the worker as well as the employer, Philosophy of Technology

John A. Gambatese Professor  Civil and Construction Engineering

Construction worker safety and health; Prevention through Design, Work zone design; work zone safety, Construction engineering; temporary construction structures, Systems analysis and engineering as applied to civil engineering systems

Cindy Grimm Associate Professor  Mechanical Engineering

3D Volume Segmentation, What are social norms for tele-operated remote presence (robot) systems?, Understanding human-grasping and perception for use in robotics, 3D Computer graphics, visualization, HCI, HRI, mathematical models

David S. Hurwitz Associate Professor Civil and Construction Engineering

Transportation Human Factors, Transportation Safety, Traffic Signal Control

Heather Knight Assistant Professor  Computer Science and Robotics

Minimal Social Robots, Multi-Robot Multi-Human Social Interaction, Entertainment Robotics

Jay Kim Assistant Professor Environmental Health and Occupational Health 

Occupational ergonomics and biomechanics, Developing and evaluating evidence-based interventions to reduce physical exposures to reduce occupational injuries and illness, Human Vibration (Whole Body Vibration and Hand Arm Vibration)

Laurel Kincl Assistant Professor  Environmental Health and Occupational Health 

Workplace injury risk assessment and intervention development, Special populations:  high risk industries (commercial fishing, construction, logging), young worker safety, disadvantaged communities, Environmental and occupational exposure and health assessment (retrospective exposure assessment and novel tools for assessments)

Kristen Macuga Assistant Professor  Psychology 

Virtual environments, Multisensory perception and integration, Skilled performance and motor learning, Driver behavior, Human-computer interaction

David A. Nembhard

Professor  Industrial Engineering

Modeling complex system dynamics in the presence of human behavior, Learning and Forgetting in Manufacturing and Service Systems, Workforce Scheduling and Cross-Training

Mike Pavol

Associate Professor   Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Preventing falls and fall-related fractures in older adults, Neuromechanics of balance recovery, Exercise for bone health, Safer transfers of people with mobility disabilities to or from a wheelchair

Christopher A. Sanchez 

Assistant Professor Psychology

Attention, Visuospatial Processing, Design of Learning Environments (STEM learning), Human-Computer Interaction

Jun Bum Shin

Assistant Professor  School of Arts and Comminication

User Experience Design, Graphic User Interface, Visual Interaction and Communication, Brand Strategy, Motion Graphics  

Kate Hunter-Zaworski

Associate Professor  Civil and Construction Engineering 

Inclusive Design for All, New Regulations for Accessible Lavatories on Single Aisle Aircraft, Design of Accessible Lavatories for Boeing: B737, B777, B787 (Improvements), New Regulations for the next generation of Passengers Rail Vehicles, Current project is validation of new regulations, Gap Safety : Rail vehicle and platform interface ( TCRP A – 40 Project) , Wheeled Mobility Aid Securement  ( 30 years of experience) 

Xinhui Zhu

Assistant Professor Industrial Engineering

Occupational safety, Human factors/Ergonomics in Health Care, Office ergonomics, Accessibility of environments, Usability of products