David Nembhard

Oregon State University
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


Email: david.nembhard@oregonstate.edu

Phone: (541) 737-1374

Address: School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering412 Rogers Hall Oregon State University Corvallis, OR 97331-6001

Website: TBD


Professor David A. Nembhard joined the Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering faculty in Fall 2016. He previously held appointments in Industrial Engineering at Penn State University, and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan. 

Dr. Nembhard’s research program is multidisciplinary in nature focusing on improving the productivity and performance of complex systems considering individual human differences. Such differences may include levels and types of skills, learning and forgetting characteristics, as well as modes of interpersonal communication. He has contributed to several fields of study including human factors, management science, production systems, and ergonomics with over 50 peer reviewed articles and papers. In support of these research efforts, Nembhard’s work has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, and various corporate sponsors. He has collaborated broadly with national and international colleagues, in France, Spain, Israel, Korea, and China to quantify key differences in work patterns among industrial and academic cohorts. 

Dr. Nembhard has taught MBA courses in quality control, management science, and statistics. In engineering, he teaches courses in decision analysis, production planning, workforce engineering, data mining, probability models, and project management engineering. Dr. Nembhard is a member of The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the IEEE Society for Engineering Management. 

Research Interest 

  • Modeling complex system dynamics in the presence of human behavior
  • Learning and Forgetting in Manufacturing and Service Systems
  • Workforce Scheduling and Cross-Training

Current, Recent, and Upcoming HCD Courses

  • IE599 Human Analytics Engineering– 3 Credits – Fall 2017


Location: 208A Covell Hall
Phone Number: TBD
Website: TBD
Research Equipment and Software:

  • Emotiv Insight
  • Emotiv EPOC+
  • Tobii X30
  • Matlab
  • GAMS

Current Projects

  • Modeling and Decision making with Deadline Reactivity in Work systems
  • Work Cell Design with Learning, Forgetting, and Knowledge Transfer
  • Information Form and Human Training Performance

Selected Publications

  • Qin*, R., Nembhard, D. A. and W. L. Barnes. 2015. “Workforce Flexibility in Operations Management,” Surveys in Operations Res. and Mgt. Sci., 20(1) 19-22. 
  • Nembhard, D. A. and J. Olivella, 2016. “Calibrating Cross-Training to Meet Demand Mix Variation and Employee Absence,” European J. of Operational Research, 248(2), 462-472. 
  • Macht*, G. and Nembhard, D. A. 2015. “Measures and Models of Personality and their Effects on Communication and Team Performance,” Int. J. of Industrial Ergonomics, 49, 78-89. 
  • Qin*, R. and Nembhard, D. A. 2015. “Workforce Agility in Operations Management,” Surveys in Operations Res. and Mgt. Sci., 20, 55-69. 
  • Kim*, J-E., Nembhard, D. A., and J-H Kim, 2016. “The Effects of Task Complexity and Group Size on Deadline Reactivity,” Int. J. Industrial Ergonomics, 56, 106-114. 
  • Nembhard, D. A., and Xiao*, M. 2017. “The Relation of Knowledge Intensity to Productivity Assessment Preferences and Cultural Differences,” Int. J. of Productivity Management and Assessment Technologies, 5(1) 1-19.